Postdoc Kimberly Chen and I will be presenting results from the experimental evolution of multicellularity project at the Astrobiology Science Conference in Mesa, Arizona April 24-28, 2017. Dr. Chen will present in the session I’m co-organizing with Eric Libby; her abstract is here.

I will present a poster on the results of theĀ Paramecium predation experiment; my abstract is here.

Ellen Parchen and R. L. Boyles

Teacher interns Ellen Parchen and R. L. Boyles will be heading to Los Angeles for the National Science Teachers Association National Conference on Science Education March 30-April 2. They’ll be presenting high school curricula for hands-on experimental evolution developed in collaboration with Vaughn Cooper. Ellen and R.L. worked in the lab over the last two summers learning lab techniques and developing curriculum as part of the Broader Impacts for the NSF grant.